The Mahoning County Coroner has released the identity of a teenager who was killed after a fight erupted into gunfire late Saturday night on Youngstown's south side.

The victim was identified as 15-year-old Amya Monserrat.

Police tell 21 News a fight broke out during a party at Martha's Boulevard Tavern at the corner of Southern Boulevard and Ravenwood Avenue.

At some point, someone pulled a gun and began firing shots. Monserrat was struck and killed in the crossfire. Police have confirmed that this was the result of a conflict between two parties that had been brewing for the past few weeks. 

No one else was injured.  So far police have not made any arrests.

During a press conference Monday afternoon, officials with the Youngstown Police Department, as well as City Council members, Law Director, Jeff Limbian and Mayor, Jamael "Tito" Brown all encouraged folks who witnessed the incident or knows something to step forward.

YPD Assistant Chief of Detectives, Lieutenant Mohammed Awad says while anonymous tips are helpful, they're not good enough to get a conviction or get a warrant sign.

"With hundreds of people there, there had to be people who actually watched it happen, watched it unfold and know the parties involved," Awad said.

Awad went on to paraphrase YPD Detective, Mike Cox, who he says is leading the investigation on this incident stating that witnesses telling police what they know is not snitching, but being a good person.

"Snitching is when two or three people are committing a crime and one tells on the other to try to get out of it or get out of jail time ... But snitching is not when you're an innocent person and you're trying to enjoy yourself, but somebody randomly shoots into a crowd killing a young girl," Awad said.

Youngstown Law Director, Jeff Limbian also spoke at the press conference and warned anyone who is thinking about protecting any suspects in this case that they too can be charged.

"I want anyone who is assisting or has assisted the shooter or shooters to understand that you can be and will be charged with complicity if you assist the shooter in any way. And that's the same level of offense as the homicide," Limbian said.

In response to the shooting, Valley Christian Schools has canceled classes for the day on Monday in order to prepare staff to handle students' emotional needs.