People in Campbell woke up shocked to find no ambulance service over the weekend.
Folks we talked to say they hope city leaders will find a solution fast.
On this sunny weekend while Joe and Carmen Santiago enjoyed taking their grandchildren to play at the park in Campbell there were clouds of worry, about what might happen should an emergency happen to one of the city's almost eight thousand residents. 
"It worries me because we have a lot of elderly people. We have a lot of kids. Anytime someone can have a heart attack, or fall down and need an ambulance and they might not have transportation to the hospital, so that's concerning. We always had an ambulance here," Joe Santiago said. 
Over the weekend no one employed by Med Star Ambulance and Transport showed up for work either Saturday nor Sunday.
That worries mom's and dads with young kids who love to play outside.
"I think if we had emergencies for the weekend I think that would be bad not to have ambulance services for real," said Anthony Yarn.
"That's concerning we have a 16 month old. If something were to happen I would expect somebody to come help us. So that's very concerning," Candace Jones said.
"He said oh no can't have that," Yarn added. 
The city's Mayor and Fire Chief were surprised when no workers for the ambulance company showed up.
City officials released a statement that they have begun looking for an ambulance service to cover calls from Campbell residents.
In the meantime Campbell's fire fighters will continue to respond to all medical emergencies as they always do and try to help.
The fire fighters will try to get an ambulance respond and if none is available they will try to find a way to get the individual transportation.
City officials emphasize that just because you get taken to an emergency room by an ambulance does not mean you will get treated sooner as some people think. The ER nurses triage people and priority is always given to the most severe cases.
No one from the company with an office in Warren has returned WFMJ News repeated calls to tell us why this happened.
This year some employees filed a lawsuit  in Trumbull Common Pleas Court against Med Star Medical Services & Transport, Inc., out of Mount Vernon.  The workers alleged the company had not paid them, and violated laws regarding state and federal overtime and minimum wage. Those cases are still open.
Campbell's Mayor Bryan Tedesco is expected to talk with WFMJ News on Monday.