Three local students broke various records and took home various awards at a powerlifting competition in Cleveland over the weekend.

Two Lakeview students and one Howland student all competed in the competition placing first or second in various events with two even setting new records.

Fourteen-year-old, Ben Meadows is an eight grader at Lakeview middle school. Meadows won the world record for heaviest deadlift in the 75/165 pound class for those between the ages of 13 and 15 at the USPA Drug Tested 216 Take Over powerlifting competition.

The previous world record was 563 pounds.

Meadows successfully lifted 567.7 pounds, beating his own state deadlift record of 474 pound he set last year. He placed first in his age and weight class this year. He will have to put these lifting skills to the test once more in the upcoming national competition in order to make the world record official.

Second place in the deadlift competition went to 15-year-old Chris Johns of Howland.

Meadows wasn't the only one from Lakeview to break a record though. 14-year-old Linnea Kovac, also an 8th grader at Lakeview broke the state record for the heaviest squat in the 75/165 13-15 class for successfully completing a 275.6-pound squat.

She took first place in her age and weight class. This was her first time competing.

Congratulations to Ben, Chris and Linnea.