The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced statistics for statewide traffic deaths and crashes in 2022.

According to the release, traffic deaths in Pennsylvania came in at 1,179, down from the 2021 total of 1,230.

Reportable crashes were also down last year, the second lowest on record since 1951.

Fatalities in several crash types hit new lows in 2022.

There were 169 fatal crashes involving speeding and 361 deaths in fixed object crashes, both were the second lowest in more than 20 years. There were 15 bicyclist deaths and 28 fatal crashes involving 16-17-year-old drivers in the last year.

Some crash types did increase including distracted driving fatalities (80), head-on crashes (181), fatal crashes at signalized intersections (133) and deadly crashes involving 65-74-year-old drivers (169).

PennDOT is working to minimize deaths on roadways. Over the last five-year period, $482 million in Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds have been invested in over 300 safety projects.

Another $50 million in state funds were invested in low-cost safety improvements at more than 1,000 locations during that time.