Mahoning County Prosecutor, Gina DeGenova is raising an objection to the potential parole of a man convicted of raping an Austintown student and attempted abduction of another female victim in 1990.

According to DeGenova's letter, Michael Kerns attempted to abduct a female victim early in the morning on March 7, 1990.

When this failed, he offered a female Austintown Fitch student a ride to school, but instead of taking her to school, Kerns took her back to his apartment where he raped her eight times, threatening to hurt her if she told anyone.

DeGenova says Kerns has an "extensive" criminal history including his commission of several serious crimes while on parole stating that the rape of the student occurred while he was on parole for a separate crime.

According to DeGenova's letter, Kerns was offered parole numerous times, but each time he was granted parole, he continued to commit serious crimes.

DeGenova noted that since his incarceration in 1990, Kerns had participated in very few programs, has earned no coupons and certificates and has a series of disciplinary infractions.

"Kerns is clearly a menace to society. He is dangerous and his release will cause an undue risk to the public," DeGenova wrote.