Akron Children's Hospital and Panera Bread are teaming up to raise funds for extra help in the hospital's behavioral health center.

"Over the years we've seen an escalation of anxiety and depression in our kids and that's happening at an early and earlier age," said Chris Gessner, president and CEO of Akron Children's Hospital.

The goal is to get another mental health coach into the local schools to show teachers how to help their students get through their traumas. These coaches make their way into elementary, middle and high schools all across the Valley to pass on their knowledge to the benefit of the students.

"The need is so great that I wish every single school district had a me," said Miss McClain, community education programs coordinator and mental health coach at Akron Children's Hospital. "I think it would be great in the future if we could build on more regions, if we could like I said, have a coach in every single district and maybe even every single building, that's how deep the need is," McClain said.

Covelli Enterprises is known for their generosity in the Valley, from their autism cookie campaign to the pink ribbon bagel and now this event they're calling the "chip-in" for kids mental health.

From May 8th to the 21st, anyone who buys a chocolate chip cookie from any Panera Bread in the Valley, Akron or Canton, donates 40 cents to the behavioral health center at Akron Children's.

We're so excited to partner up with Akron Children's Hospital," said Sam Covelli, president and CEO of Covelli Enterprises. "These young people need help today," he said.