An Ellsworth Township man is scheduled to appear in court Thursday on animal abuse charges for allegedly leaving goats stuck in a fence for hours.

According to a report from the Mahoning County Sheriff's Office, deputies visited a home on W. Akron-Canfield Road for a welfare check on a pair of goats stuck in an electric fence.

Upon arrival, deputies located the two small goats with their heads stuck in the fence, with deputies saying one had wrapped its neck in the fence so much to the point of choking itself out.

Deputies say several parts of the fence had to be cut in order to get the goats out without choking them to death or harming them any further.

A neighbor told deputies this was not the first time this happened, and that during his time living in the neighborhood, he and his wife had witnessed at least 30 goats caught in the fence left unattended for several hours.

In this case, the neighbor told deputies he had heard the goats screaming for at least two hours before deciding to check on them.

According to the report, the owner of the goats, identified as 66-year-old Robert Stare was attempting to fix the fence when about 10 to 15 more goats got loose and began running around the property. 

Deputies say as Stare was attempting to turn on the fence after fixing it, even more goats got stuck in it and Stare began to tug and pull on them as they screamed.

Deputies went on to say that Stare began picking up goats and throwing them in the other direction with one being thrown over a four to five-foot high fence and falling on a section of a chain link fence on the ground.

According to the report, in another incident, Stare was pouring food into a bin for the goats as they trampled one another screaming for help. Deputies say when Stare's wife asked him to help the goats, he replied that he "didn't have time for that."

The report also states that Stare allegedly smacked a baby goat on the head with a PVC pipe, knocking it out for a moment. One goat was also observed with a large mass on its face.

Deputies say the goats appeared to be deprived of food, and as such are grazing in the grass and on trees eating everything in sight. 

According to the report, deputies believe the goats need to be rehomed, as Stare is unfit to take care of them. 21 News is working to find out where these goats are being rehomed.

Court records show Stare is charged with Animals Running At Large on Public Roads and Injuring Vines, Bushes, Trees of Crops on Land of Another.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday, May 11 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sebring Municipal Court.