Significant upgrades have been made at Steward Family Hospitals at Sharon Regional Medical Center and Trumbull Regional Medical Center. Both hospitals are now equipped with trailblazing dialysis equipment.

The state-of-the-art technology ensures more effective and efficient treatment. Patients in need of dialysis will now have access to advanced procedures, enhancing their overall wellbeing and comfort during treatments. 

In addition to new dialysis machines, Sharon Regional Medical center  unveiled their new pain and sleep centers. The facilities are set to cater to patients dealing with chronic pain.

"Here we can provide injections in the areas so that people can try to get pass [an] injury and get back on their feet," said Sharon Regional President, Bob Rogalski.

The sleep center will be equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to address sleep disorders like sleep apnea and other conditions. Hospital staff will monitor patients while they are asleep, in an effort to diagnose sleep conditions.

The pain center in Sharon is ready for inpatient use. Hospital officials say the sleep center and dialysis machines will be in effect sometime in the near future.