Some members of East Palestine are issuing their demands at a community meeting in Negley Tuesday. 

Members of the Unity Council for the East Palestine derailment Community Oversight subcommittee have created a list of demands for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Norfolk Southern over their ongoing health and home concerns since the February 3 derailment.

The speakers at tonight's event will include Jami Wallace, opening remarks by Kayla Miller, with Scott Smith speaking about independent test results, Candace Cope taking questions from the audience and a Q&A session led by Jami Wallace.

Hilary Flint will read the list of demands their group wants from public officials and from the railroad company.

The group is asking for DeWine to declare East Palestine a major disaster site, and to seek full support of the federal government, to allow President Joe Biden to provide "critical emergency resources to the community to ensure public health and safety for the present and the future."

The group is also asking for a federal government-coordinated relocation for anyone who feels unsafe in their home, funded by Norfolk Southern, including relocating on a temporary basis, and may return home after clean-up is finished and proper testing has been completed and reviewed.

The group also wants Norfolk Southern to reimburse homeowners within 60 days if a home is deemed unsafe by February 3, with home, land and/or property owners receiving equal to or greater than fair market value. 

For East Palestine residents who rent, lease, or live with family, Unity Council is asking for an amount equal to or greater than the cost of their one-year lease and security deposit, with Norfolk Southern paying for all costs for relocation, moving, replacing contaminated belongings, and more.

Here is the additional list of demands the affected East Palestine group wants to see happen and paid for by Norfolk Southern:

  • Hire independent scientists to complete air, water, soil or any other needed environmental testing, including testing of their home and property.
  • Independent testing is to continue for at least 30 years.
  • Seek independent medical testing, monitoring, and treatment, including physicians who specialize in chemical exposure and knowledge of environmental toxins
  • Independent urine, blood or any other relevant testing for a period of at least 30 years
  • Any and all treatment related to the train derailment, including prescriptions, therapy, psychiatry services, alternative therapies, surgeries and more, prescribed by a physician
  • If the is unable to cover the health and wellness of affected residents, the group wants the federal government to grant Medicaid to all affected residents for life.
  • Norfolk Southern must treat all affected residents equally and supply residents with proper filtration devices
  • Provide affected residents with air purifiers, water filtration systems, etc.
  • Make an effort to ensure elderly resident(s) have access to any and all relevant updates, news, invitations and opportunities by mailing a newsletter, which includes details on how residents can contact them
  • Norfolk Southern must dispose of any and all toxic waste created by the train derailment
    and/or chemical release safely and away from East Palestine, and may not send toxic waste to Hermitage Thermal Toxic Incinerator in East Liverpool

The group also is asking for all residents to be treated fairly, without risk of discrimination, harassment, unfair or unjust treatment.

Correction: The Thursday, May 18 meeting will be an update from the US EPA on the derailment site cleanup activities, both progress made and future efforts. The next information session will be on public health and the US EPA added it expects the sessions to continue into June.