The Penguin Collective hosted its first private event at the Youngstown Country Club this past week. The event included a chance to network with Youngstown State University student-athletes over a 9-hole golf scramble as well as a presentation on how the collective will benefit local businesses, YSU, and the community. The main purpose of these events is to bring the partners and the student-athletes together to get to know each other beyond just donating money.


Check out our presentation video HERE to learn more about the Collective! 


Following the event’s presentation, the Penguin Collective also hosted an issuing of the first round of commitments totaling $23,000 to the student-athletes on the football team.


Mr.Labs - Rubino Family partnered with the collective with a $10,000 package to partner with Dra Rushton $2,500; Ryan Johnson $2,500; Greg Benton $2,500; and D’Marco Augustin $2,500.


The Rick Blaise Foundation teamed up to contribute $2,500 to both Quincy Lenton and Bryce Oliver.


Doug Kimbel at Fred Martin Ford joined the collective for Mitch Davidson with a $4,500 commitment. Mitch will be making some appearances for the dealership as well as working together to promote the dealership on social media.


White Glove Payroll collaborated to provide $1,000 to Jordan Trowers in exchange for doing on-campus promotion for the local payroll processing company.


Finally, Dan Dull at Tavern 26 signed a $2,500 partnership with Aidan Parker to help promote their recently renovated restaurant in Campbell.


“We’re excited to get the ball rolling on this for YSU.  The NIL is an absolute game-changer for all of the NCAA.  YSU is one of the first universities in its various sporting divisions to have an active NIL Collective and actually leading the way in terms of best practices in building this platform correctly to ensure the university and its athletes are protected. “ - Tim Petrey

The collective will continue to host events for people interested in participating throughout the summer. Go to and sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming opportunities