Auto manufacturers are starting to phase out AM Radio amid advancements in technology. Eight manufacturers including Ford, Mazda BMW and Volkswagen have dropped AM radio from their EV lines. Ford announced plans to phase it out in all of its vehicles starting in 2024.

However, on-air personalities and lawmakers are fighting back.

"I think it's a gigantic mistake.", said Ron Verb, long-time local radio host. "You lose Tom Hamilton and the Guardians which a lot of people listen to--you lose the weather reports when we have severe weather--you lose coverage like we had in East Palestine, hour-by-hour after the train derailment.", he added.

In the meantime, he's been dialing up the pressure putting together a campaign in an effort to preserve AM Radio.

"At our radio station we have a campaign where people text a particular number. They text "AM' to a particular number and that goes to our lobbying group." said Ron Verb Show host added.

The 37-year radio veteran questions whether is a political chess piece being moved.

"I sit back and say is this a motivation to get rid of conservative talk which mainly dominates AM radio," Verb said. 

On Capitol Hill, Lawmakers introduced the AM for Every Vehicle Act on Wednesday, a bi-partisan bill that would force manufacturers to keep AM radio in new cars. U.S. Senator JD Vance co-sponsored issuing this statement.  

“I'm proud to cosponsor this bipartisan legislation and to stand with every Ohioan who depends on AM radio for their news, sports, and emergency information. We must ensure automakers continue to install AM receivers in their cars at no additional cost to consumers."

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in agreement, saying this legislation has his support.

“Rural communities in Ohio depend on AM radio to get the news they need, whether it’s an emergency alert or to keep up with their favorite sports team. The bipartisan AM for Every Vehicle Act will ensure that everyone has access to AM radio and can receive up-to-date, potentially life-saving information.”