Efforts have been in the works for years to build an industrial park on the west side of Warren.

Progress continues as developers work out logistics and find what companies could come to the space.

"This is Warren's time to take advantage of everything that's going on in the broader value," said Wiley Runnestrand, Vice President of West Warren Development. 

The City of Warren is moving closer to developing West Warren Industrial Park, an 84-acre space at Deemer Park, also where the former Western Reserve School once stood.

"There's a very big need for industrial space in the Mahoning Valley right now, especially in Trumbull County," one developer said to the crowd at Monday's special meeting in Warren's council chambers. 

The developers did not know what specific businesses will come onto the property. They're hoping to mirror the development happening in Lordstown, like Ultium Cells and Foxconn.

"It will either be light industrial or distribution," Runnestrand added. "Really, we designed the building to be as accessible as possible."

"It will be serving as a giant warehouse so to speak for the battery industry," Saffold said. 

Developers said the first phase focuses on about 10 acres of land. Developers and city officials also ensure no concerns with heavy industrial facilities, but rather working with Ultium Cells or Foxconn supply chains.

"Which is far more focused on distribution and maybe finished good manufacturing, rather than heavy industrial facilities," Runnestrand added.

One man in the meeting spoke on the concern of eminent domain taking place with the project, but was reassured there is no legal process needed involving eminent domain based on the property obtained. 

Councilwoman Saffold has spearheaded this project for years and she told 21 News there's only positive benefits to this development.

"This is a great jumpstart for the City of Warren," Saffold added. "We really haven't had a lot of manufacturing of late so, this will be great as we are trying to follow the footsteps and the success of Lordstown."

Developers hope to break ground on the first development this summer, with hopes the project is completed by the start of 2025.