Police have issued warrants for the arrest of a Warren couple after a puppy left outside in the hot sun with no access to food or water and a broken leg was rescued by the Healthy Hearts and Paws project near a Warren apartment Saturday afternoon.

Brandon Greathouse, 29, and Jessica Mason, 30, are wanted on charges of animal cruelty.

According to a police report from Warren PD, the landlord of an apartment on the 400 block of Vine Avenue NE found a puppy between two to four months old lying in the grass that couldn't stand up. Police say the puppy was panting heavily.

The landlord told police that they have seen a tenant in one of the apartments with that puppy before, but she was not home at the time and attempts to contact her were unsuccessful.

Police say the call came in around 2:45 in the afternoon and at the time, the temperature in the area was nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The puppy was not laying in a shaded area.

According to the report, the puppy was trying to stand, but couldn't. Police say there was a water bowl, but it was too high for the puppy to reach even if she could stand.

Healthy Hearts and Paws Founder and President, Jason Cooke took the puppy to an animal hospital. According to Cooke, the puppy had a broken leg to the point where veterinarians were afraid it could poke through the skin. Police say the puppy was placed on medication and strict cage rest.

Police noted a comment posted on Jason Cooke's Facebook page regarding the dog where an individual had stated that he and his girlfriend were taking care of the dog, but he does not own it.

Police say both the boyfriend and girlfriend commented on the post admitting they knew the puppy's leg had been broken but left her outside anyway. According to police, the couple said the puppy broke her leg after falling down the stairs earlier in the day.

According to police, the couple argued that they did provide her access to water and shade, but police say the puppy could not move to get into the shade or get a drink.

Police attempted to issue the couple a court summons for Animal Cruelty, but the couple did not answer the door. According to the report, the summons will be used as a warrant for the couple's arrest.

Cooke tells 21 News that the puppy, now named Emily has been taken into an animal foster home on Sunday and is scheduled to have her leg looked at tomorrow to begin treatment.