Children's drawings have come to life inside the Eastwood Mall. 

Through the Imagination Creation Contest, children aged six through 14 drew their own designs for the best playhouses the could think of, and a panel of judges selected 10 designs. 

Local building contractors have now used those winning designs as inspiration to construct real one-story playhouses that are on display at the Eastwood Mall. 

Information is available near each house, and people are able to bid on the playhouses in an online auction until August 17. 

Proceeds of the auction will benefit Akron Children's Hospital Mahoning Valley. 

The winning designers are Giavanna Hafely, Melody Bartlett, Olivia Mazzola, Antoinette Davis, Brianna Kleismit, J.J. Hether, Dakota Moore, Alana Moore, Zander Kosmo and Alison Smith.

The ten winning designers received Eastwood Mall gift cards.