A member of Youngstown City Council is spearheading an effort to prevent the removal of a traffic light along a road on the city’s Southside.

Sixth Ward Councilperson Anita Davis spent part of Thursday at a local coffee shop gathering signatures on a petition asking that a traffic light remain at the intersection of Midlothian Boulevard and Hillman Street.

The city is considering a report from a consulting engineer that recommends traffic signals should be taken down at two crossroads along Midlothian, including Hillman Street and Zedaker Street.

The Hillman intersection, which has Burger King and Popeye’s Chicken restaurants on the corners, a traffic count found that 46 pedestrians crossed the Midlothian – Hillman intersection during a thirteen-hour period.

The report, compiled by Woolpert Engineering of Cleveland, concluded that the volume of traffic at both the Hillman and Zedaker do not warrant signals under criteria outlined in the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

The report recommends a short-term solution of placing a red and yellow flashing traffic light at Hillman Street, and eventually removing the light and installing a pedestrian crosswalk there with signs clearly identifying the intersection as such for drivers.

Council member Davis says at a recent block watch meeting, no one spoke up in support of removing the traffic light at Hillman and Midlothian. 

 “Letting the city administration know your feelings on the permanent removal of these two traffic signals is important. No final decision has been reached,” writes Davis on her Facebook page.

Davis is asking anyone who may be impacted by the signal’s removal to email or text their opinion:

[email protected] (Public Works)

[email protected] or Text: (330) 207-0302