What one family in Warren thought were fireworks actually turned out to be gunfire early Sunday morning, flying aimlessly into their home and striking 9 year old Akasha Taylor-Robinson.

21 News Reporter Sydney Canty spoke exclusively to the child's mother, Misti Taylor who says she's in shock.

"You never think it's you, you never sit here and think like it's gonna be you," said Taylor.

Little Akasha now has a cast on her arm in her favorite color, purple, and a pin in her arm where the bullet shattered her bones. Akasha was lying on the couch sleeping, unaware she was even hit until her sister saw all the blood and started screaming.

"I really don't wanna be here anymore because it feels unsafe now that I know that there's gun shots in my house," Akasha said. She tells 21 News she feels sad and confused.

"It's heart breaking," said Taylor. "Kids are getting shot every weekend. The festival, kids got shot, last weekend a 13 year old's birthday party, like when is enough going to be enough," she said.

Akasha will be recovering for at least the next three and a half months.

"It took a huge toll not just on us in this house, but my entire family," Taylor said.

Warren's Safety Service Director Eddie Colbert says they're working on curbing gun violence with a violence interrupters program that would work with feuding factions.

Colbert tells 21 New a lot of the time the issue is that the victims don't want to speak up about who shot them, they want to get even. Colbert says it's important to intervene before that can happen.

Taylor says Warren Mayor Doug Franklin stopped by her house on Father's Day but she was at the hospital with her daughter. She tells 21 News she appreciates the mayor reaching out, but wants to see more patrolmen in her Kenilworth Ave. neighborhood on a daily basis.

As for the investigation, Warren Police have identified a person of interest and issued a warrant for their arrest.