Pennsylvania lawmakers in the state House of Representatives have passed a law that would expand current regulations and transactions that deal with the sale of catalytic converters in scrap metal yards.

According to the House of Representatives, the bill would require additional steps before a sale can be completed. 

This includes requiring any individual trying to sell a catalytic converter to a scrap yard to provide the year, make, model, and vehicle identification number for the vehicle from which the converter was removed.

Buyers of the converter must photograph it and the individual selling it. They will also be required to withhold payment for 48 hours after the purchase of a converter is completed.

"Car owners should not have to foot the bill for someone stealing from them, and for many households, the cost of replacing a stolen catalytic converter is burdensome," Isaacson said. "For many Pennsylvanians, their car is a part of their livelihood. This legislation provides several important deterrents to ensure that consumers in the commonwealth have the highest level of protection from theft."