Animal Charity of Youngstown was unable to take 15 cats from a deplorable home on the corner of Sheridan Road and Lynn Avenue in Youngstown Monday afternoon.  

Youngstown Police Department and Animal Charity responded to the home after receiving a tip about a hoarding situation from the City of Youngstown. 

According to Youngstown Police Department, there were 15 cats in the home, which was filled with feces, trash and urine soaked carpets. 

Animal Charity was unable to immediately take the cats from the home due to the shelter being too full. 

Director and Humane Agent of Animal Charity Jane MacMurchy says that the charity is so full, they had to reach out to their larger shelter partners in Cleveland and Pittsburgh to try and take some of their animals. Unfortunately, their partners may not be able to take any animals due to their own space issues. 

According to MacMurchy, since the COVID-19 pandemic and recent increase of animal hoarding cases in Youngstown, the animal charity has had to frequently reach out to their partners to see if they can take animals off their hands. 

The Animal Charity is now rearranging animals, cages and even moving furniture and equipment outside to accommodate the cats. 

The charity set traps and left food for the cats, and plan to return Wednesday to collect the animals from the home. 

The owner of the house was taken to a hospital for evaluation.