Dry weather is impacting the water levels at Berlin Lake. 

Water levels at Berlin Lake are lower than usual for this time of the summer season, and it's not due to premature lowering for the winter pool. 

The lake is down about seven feet from it's usual level, due to the dry weather and droughts that have been affecting the state, and region, this summer. 

According to the Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District, the water in the lake, which serves as a reservoir, is being released to help replenish the streams that are suffering due to the dry weather. 

The reservoir is designed to open up and pool into the streams when they get dry, and that affects the water levels in the lake. The Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District says that they are trying to pool water from other lakes in their jurisdiction, and balance the water levels as best as they can. 

While Berlin Lake is approved for recreation activities, is is not the essential function of the lake, and due to the dry weather they will not hold water for recreational purposes. 

"I've never seen the streams this dry this early, all the streams were below base before Memorial Day, I've never seen that before," said Megan Gottlieb, Water Management lead for Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District. 

Berlin Lake water levels can be checked on the lake's Facebook page, which posts updates every few days.