Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik is accepting the challenge of getting a new Boardman facility in shape to benefit young athletes.

The Youngstown native only ever lost twice in his professional career, earning himself a spot in the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame.
Now, ten years after his retirement, his nickname name in the ring will become the namesake for his new "Ghost" boxing club, located in Adams Square on Market Street. The new space will offer boxing training for children in fourth through twelfth grade, self-defense classes, and wellness services.

Pavlik says, his inspiration to train young boxers is not to build on his own name, but rather, to use his experience in and out of the ring for the benefit of a new generation.

"It's kind of cool to do that and know when kids have questions, you're able to help them. And it may be with strength and conditioning, or with life in general," Pavlik notes.

Pavlik's primary facility, MI Gym in Columbiana, is also home to operations of the Kelly Pavlik Charitable Organization. The group strives to promote physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of local youth, and is expanding its outreach toward senior citizens.

Pavlik plans to further expand his for-profit facilities, in addition to seeking out a designated space for all functions of the Kelly Pavlik Charitable Organization.