A Youngstown man convicted for his part in a drive-by gang shooting that killed a three-year-old girl will have to wait another ten years before his next parole hearing.

Following a hearing last month, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority has denied the release of DeNicholas Stoutmire who is serving a fifty-year-to-life sentence in prison.

Mahoning County Prosecutor Gina DeGenova objected to parole for Stoutmire, who was found guilty on September 24, 1996, of one count of complicity to commit the aggravated murder of 3-year-old Jessica Ballew and three counts of complicity to commit attempted aggravated murder.


On June 10, 1996, members of the Bloods, opened fire on members of the Crips, injuring Crips member Edward McGaha, according to DeGenova.

After being released from the hospital, McGaha along with Stoutmire and other fellow Crips members of the Crips, plotted the murder of Richard Miles who they believed was behind the earlier attack.

To carry out their plan, members of the Crips stole two vehicles and borrowed a third searching the streets for Bloods.

DeGenova says Stoutmire drove one of the vehicles, containing three other Crips members, including Sidney Cornwell.

Stoutmire stopped the vehicle in front of an apartment on Oak Park Street, where several people were sitting on the porch.

Cornwell opened fire on the house injuring three adults and shooting 3-year-old Jessica Ballew in the face. The child was on the porch at the time asking for a drink of water.

In opposing Stoutmire’s parole, DeGenova noted that after serving more than a quarter of a century in the penitentiary, Stoutmire completed very few rehabilitation programs and has been disciplined for several rule infractions.

"Releasing Stoutmire into society would not further the interest of justice nor be consistent with the welfare and security of society." Prosecutor DeGenova told parole officials. "[w]hile Stoutmire did not pull the trigger, he drove the shooter to the scene, fled the scene after shots were fired and went into hiding.”

Cornwell, who was convicted of aggravated murder and attempted murder, is serving a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole.