A Youngstown man is in the Mahoning County jail Monday after yelling and brandishing a firearm at a car show on the grounds of Struthers High School, according to a report from Struthers police.

According to the report, 54 year old Lester Kerr of Youngstown allegedly showed up to Struthers High School during a car show in his orange AMC Gremlin. At the show, he reportedly appeared drunk and continued to drink while in attendance.

Kerr allegedly did several burnouts in the parking lot of the high school before he was asked to stop, nearly hitting a woman in the process according to the report.

The report further alleges that Kerr then exited the vehicle and yelled derogatory remarks at the woman he nearly hit.

Police also viewed a video provided on scene by a witness which allegedly shows the witness yelling at Kerr to leave. Then, according to the report, Kerr went to his vehicle where he brandished a firearm from under the driver's seat.

According to the report, police were able to obtain the license plate of the vehicle from the video and track it to Kerr's Thalia Ave home, where they found his Gremlin in the driveway. 

The report says that Kerr smelled like alcohol when he came out to speak with officers.

When asked about the events, Kerr claimed he was unaware that any incident had occurred, and was subsequently taken into custody.

Kerr will be held in the Mahoning County Jail without bond until his court date on Monday, July 17th.