A Berlin Township man who has been described as a serial stalker will spend time in prison after being found guilty of two counts of menacing by stalking.

Jamie Longnecker, 47, was handed a three-year prison sentence, the maximum sentence for the charges.

Longnecker will also have to register as a tier-one sex offender for 15 years. Judge Anthony D'Apolito made the decision to add registering as a sex offender to his sentence because the menacing charges were of a sexual nature, which is allowed by law.

Longnecker was originally charged in a 50-plus count serial stalking indictment.

According to that indictment, the alleged crimes were directed toward members of a Berlin Township family between September 4 and September 9, 2022.

Police reports from Goshen Township dated back to as early as 2010 and revealed numerous victims had received unwanted mail from Longnecker with some containing sexually explicit images.

Longnecker and his mother were charged with more than 50 counts each in connection to stalking crimes in Mahoning County.

Investigators described the case as a serial stalking case with 30 victims, a charity and police officers assisting in the investigation.

The 103-count indictment alleged that Longnecker sent pornographic images to the targeted individuals through the mail. Mahoning County Sheriff Detective Patrick Mondora said at the time of the 2021 indictment that he had been dealing with Longnecker for a decade and believes he is obsessed with women.

One of the victims was allegedly the family of a young girl who worked with Jamie Longnecker, who further alleged that he became obsessed with the girl when she didn't befriend him.

Longnecker served a three-year prison sentence for the same activity back in 2011.