Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced $2.2 million in funding to build a new roundabout along State Route 46 in Austintown.

The project, planned for 2027, would place the one-lane roundabout at Route 46 and New Road, where traffic is now controlled by a traffic light.

According to the latest traffic survey, more than 18,000 cars and trucks travel that stretch of road each day.

The funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Improvement Program covers the installation 17 new roundabouts around the state.

According to ODOT, Roundabouts are a proven design to reduce crashes by more than 48%, and serious injury and deadly crashes by nearly 80% when compared to a signalized intersection.

The roundabouts are designed with large trucks and farm equipment in mind and will include a “truck apron” in the middle that allows larger vehicles to ride up over a curb as they navigate through.