A Warren woman has pleaded “not guilty” to child endangering after police say they found two boys wandering a neighborhood and living at a house that smelled of urine and feces.

Responding to a call from a concerned neighbor on Tuesday morning, Warren police officers say they found a two-year-old wearing a diaper and a 5-year-old clad in underwear, walking along the 900 block of Woodview Avenue SW, which is down the block and around the corner from their home.

Police spotted the children’s mother, 24-year-old Stella Worrell, outside their home on Cranwood Drive.

Worrell told officers she believed the children left when she was in the bathroom and had been gone for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

After the mom drove to Woodview Avenue and picked up the children, officers inspected the home and gave the following account of what they found inside:

Officers walked into the residence and were met with an odor of urine and feces. The carpet was atrocious, matted down with God knows what. The kitchen floor had smeared dog feces and urine on it. I walked around the residence and noted that 7 kids were living in the residence all under the age of 5 and three adults. On a positive note, the refrigerator was full of food.

Police notified Children Services and gave Worrell a summons to appear in court on Wednesday where she pleaded “not guilty” to endangering children.

Another court hearing is scheduled for October.