Groups and folks from across our region are helping make sure some abused and abandoned animals have a sanctuary to call home.
They brought rakes, saws, drills, and tools to do some heavy lifting at Noah's Lost Ark in Berlin Center. 
Volunteers cut tree trunks and limbs at Noah's Lost Ark in Berlin Township.
 As folks gathered to help clean up the mess left behind by gusts of over 80-mile-an-hour winds that swept through our region knocking down trees, and crushing some fences and animal enclosures.
Without the fence that's needed to keep the public back from the enclosures, the Sanctuary can't reopen and make money to feed the animals including 40 big cats, lions and tigers. But there are more than 100 other animals including coyotes and a black leopard named Gonzo.
"We have alpacas, swans, we have primates various monkeys, we have wolves, we have black bears, have a lot of petting zoo animals sometimes people get elderly and they can't take care of their horse or donkey anymore so they surrender it and we give them a permanent home," Director of Noah's Lost Ark Animal Sanctuary Ellen Karnofel said.
The Austintown Eagle Riders, a motorcycle club affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, heard about the damage at the sanctuary and decided not only to lend helping hands but to invite others with construction knowledge, and clean-up skills to join them. 
With a state licensing inspection in two weeks, without help, there would be no way to pass it.
"This place does a wonderful job with animals that have been abandoned or abused and they're closed right now to the public and they have an inspection coming up and if they don't pass that inspection they are going to lose these animals and we just can't allow that to happen," Todd Shaffner, Sergeant at Arms for the Austintown Eagle Riders, said. 
Thomas Robb drove from Bessemer PA to volunteer with others, to help some majestic animals that have a home at Noah's Lost Ark.
"What I've been doing all day is working on these bear pens and why am  I doing it? I'm an animal lover. I like to help animals," Rob said. 
The groups and volunteers that showed up to help will determine if more help is needed for next weekend.