A block on the south side of Youngstown was the target of gunfire early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors living in the 1300 block of East Florida Avenue reported hearing shots just after midnight, leading one couple to find cover.

According to the report, officers spoke with two of the victims who were lying in bed when shots rang out. Both victims said they had no idea who could have shot at their home and didn't see anything before the incident.

While searching the 1300 block, police found 24 shell casings across three different properties.

One home had broken glass on the front porch, bullet holes in the walls and a broken upstairs window where a bullet went through and hit a TV. The home next door was hit twice in the living room window.

Another neighbor a few houses down reported his motorcycle being hit by a bullet.

A witness told police they saw a red car shoot at the home but could not say what make, model or give a license plate number.

None of the people inside the homes were injured.

No arrests have been made.