Warren Police are currently looking for the suspect in the robbery of an area laundromat.

According to a police report, police were called to Warren Coin Laundry on Youngstown Road SE in reference to a robbery that had occurred shortly before 2:00 a.m. on September 1.

Upon arrival, police spoke to a victim who had gotten there about an hour prior to the incident who said a white male, opened the door for her.

Police say the male told the victim that the laundromat is usually closed during the 1:00 a.m. hour, but since he worked there, he'd let her in.

Police say while the female victim was washing her load of laundry, the male told her he was leaving but would be back soon. The victim told officers that when the male left, he put a cardboard item over the door to avoid using the code on the door to get back in.

According to the report, when the male left, he was wearing a blue t-shirt, but when he came back, he was wearing a bandana over his face and a one-piece jump suit with a floral design.

Police say the male was holding an orange item with a blade sticking out of the top and demanded the victim give him everything she had.

According to police, the victim gave him $12 in quarters, but he demanded more. Police say when the victim told the male she didn't have anything else on her, the male demanded her cell phone, which she gave him.

Police described the suspect as a thin white male standing at about 5'7" tall with brown hair and no facial hair last seen wearing the outfit previously described. Police say he left the laundromat heading north in between the laundromat and the business next door.

Officers tried to ping the phone's location, but police say it was turned off around the time of the robbery with its last location showing the laundromat itself.

Police say the owner will be checking the security cameras for footage of the incident.

No arrests have been made at this time.