Two years ago 21 News reported about how the city of Youngstown was looking for developers to purchase the old South fieldhouse and stadium. Now a local school is looking to invest $10 million in the facility.

Valley Christian Schools (VCS) is proposing to construct a new athletic complex behind the historic South High School and name it Valley Legends Stadium.

21 News reporter Leslie Huff caught up with Mike Pecchia VCS president, who explained how this project will remember the past while embracing a new purpose for the future.

Pecchia said phase one of the proposed athletic complex will feature a state-of-the-art football field, an eight-lane track, and 3,000 stadium bleachers. Phase two will include the construction of Legends Gateway, a concession facility that will have two floors. The entrance will honor eight of Youngstown's past and present high schools. 

The renderings of the complex show Ursuline, South, East, Chaney, Wilson, North, Rayen, and Mooney inscribed on the exterior of Legends Gateway. The center area will honor the history of South Fieldhouse. 

"This [South Fieldhouse] is hallowed ground when it comes to football and tradition in the city. And the building that we are proposing, that we want to build in phase two is going to memorialize that," Pecchia said. 

Each phase will cost approximately $5 million, with a completion date of phase one by August 2025. Pecchia said so far they have raised about 10% of the costs for phase one. August 2026 is the expected completion for phase two. 

VCS plans to seek funds from private donors, private grants and federal and state dollars to support this project. 

Youngstown's city council still has to approve the proposal, but Pecchia said they have been very supportive of this project.

Later phases of the complex may include baseball, soccer, and other sports.