As violence in Youngstown continues to run rampant, the voices of local clergy and leaders hoping for an end are growing louder.

Youngstown United As One is an organization in the City trying to end the violence. In pursuit of that goal, they marched with the Youngstown Little Bears before their game at Rayen Stadium. 

"This needs to stop, because no one's winning," said Youngstown United's president Darrell Jones. "Someone's going to the hospital, someone goes to jail, or the cemetery. For the kids to join in on this march is great. We're coming together as a community to make a stand towards this violence."

Earlier this summer, Youngstown United put up a billboard along Market St. that helps spread the message, too. 

"Cease Fire Youngstown, Ohio. Nobody's Winning," the billboard said. That billboard was taken down in July. 

Reverend Ken Donaldson tells 21 News that sports organizations like the Little Bears are also an excellent way to help keep Youngstown's youth out of trouble as they grow up.