YEA and YCSD approve a contract that keeps students in classrooms for the one-year duration of the contract.

At this special meeting, Youngstown's school board voted to approve a one-year contract agreement with members of the Youngstown Education Association.

After the vote was counted, there was an overwhelming ratification of that contract by teachers.

"I would say with a 98 percent pass rate, I would say most people are happy with it," YEA President Eric Teutsch said.

"There was a section in the contract. It was 3011. It was all this House Bill 70 language. We got it all removed. We got a three percent pay increase and it's a one-year deal," YEA Spokesman Jim Courin said.

Both sides say they are relieved to put this behind them and move forward with students back in the classrooms.

"Absolutely glad we are here for teaching and learning," Superintendent Jeremy Batchelor said.

"I'm happy to get this over, and I want to thank all the parents who supported the board, the teachers, and the entire district because we wouldn't be able to get this far if it weren't for them," School Board President Tiffany Patterson said.

Since a year goes fast, we ask the union if it believes teachers will face the same situation next year for a new contract.

"I don't think we'll be back here next year. I think things will go a little different next time," Eric Teutsch added.