Bistro 1907 in Downtown Youngstown is now serving 'Hunt & Ryde' wine. 

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri's son, Hunter Fieri, was in Youngstown Wednesday to introduce the family wine brand to the Valley.

The brand was named after Hunter and his brother, Ryder. 

Bistro 1907 is one of three restaurants outside of the Fieri franchise, and the first in Ohio, to serve Hunt and Ryde. 

It's all because of a local connection. The owner of Bistro 1907, Mark Canzonetta, has known the Fieri family for over 14 years. He used to work for Guy in the restaurant business. 

Canzonetta said Guy is a hero and an inspiration to him. He said it was great to have Hunter at the restaurant saying, "It's great for Youngstown, It's great for his family's brand and I really feel like this is such a great day for Youngstown." 

Customers of Bistro 1907 can buy a bottle of Hunt & Ryde today, but will have to wait until November to buy a glass with their meals. 

Hunter said the wine has been served in his fathers Flavortown franchise for about 10 years. It was originally created to go with Guy's food creations as a wine pairing for guests. Now, Hunter is taking initiative to bring the bottles to more retail spaces. 

Weather you're sipping on red or white, the company has options for you. The brand sells 6 selections including a 2013 Pinot Noir Magnum, a 2013 Trophy, a 2014 Trophy that's new to their lineup, a 2013 Zinfandel Old Vine, a 2014 Sixty-Eight Red Blend and a 2015 Sixty-Eight White. 

The selections are available at 1907 Bistro, or online at the Hunt & Ryde website.