The road to recovery and sobriety can be filled with hurdles and obstacles, but there are many success stories.
That's why On the Road of Recovery producers have been traveling around the state of Ohio recording folks. 
On the Road of Recovery wants folks to hear succes stories in hopes of inspiring others. 
So that's why producers are traveling around Ohio recording journeys of people who have overcome addiction and are living sober lives.
"We don't see a lot on recovery. Nobody's talking about oh people do recover, they can find long term recovery and have happy, healthy lives working in a field, or working in another organization, or starting businesses and becoming thriving members of society. We do that today by recording their stories," On the Road of Recovery, Project Manager John Nimmo said. 
On the Road of Recovery was in Columbiana County today outside the Family Recovery Center in Lisbon.
That agency provides outpatient treatment, medically assisted treatment plus offers mental health and family counseling services. The approach is client centered treatment. 
"They can give us a call at 330-424-1468. We will set them up for an assessment. They will come in talk with one of our counselors, sit down get a game plan treatment session on how they want to do, what they want to work on while they are here with us. It's client centered treatment," Tawnia Jenkins, a Dependency Counselor, Project Dawn Coordinator, and Peer Support Specialist at the Family Recovery Center said. 
"Recovery is about the person in Recovery. I know the importance about wanting to be heard and listened to about what I want for myself," Jenkins added.
The Family Recovery Center accepts private insurance, medicaid, medicare and  has funding available for clients in Columbiana County. 
"We do what we can to get you in as soon as possible," Jenkins emphasized.
On the Road of Recovery has conducted over 340 interviews in 62 counties across Ohio and hopes to continue videotaping sobriety success stories in Ohio's remaining 26 counties.
You can find the folks journeys on The Road of Recovery YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook social media sites.
There are hopes these stories will give others  hope and inspire them to reach out for mental health help and help to overcome addictions.