The Trumbull County Historical Society is looking to Warren City Council for help securing a property that would house a unique museum.

The Society is interested in a building on Main Avenue Southwest as the site for the Hollywood Prop Museum.
A Valley native who recently retired from years in the entertainment industry has donated props he designed.
You can see his work in iconic movies including "Ghostbusters" and "Bladerunner".

The building would cost $275,000 to buy, which director Meghan Reed hopes can come from some of the ARP money Warren still has available.

"Our goal is to create a nationally accredited science fiction museum that will drive the economy and tourism here and be part of the other amazing museums we already have in our community," Reed said Wednesday.

"Some of us (on city council) have a great amount of (ARP) money left over in their discretionary spending accounts and...I see that effort getting funded in some measure," added Third Ward Councilman Greg Greathouse.

The entire prop museum project would cost up to $25 million.
The props themselves are being housed in undisclosed locations in the city.

In other council business Wednesday night, a second reading of a measure to give pay raises to elected city officials ended up not seeing the light of day.
Legislation needs eight council members to pass, and only seven came to Wednesday's meeting.
The pay raise measure will now go onto the agenda for the next council meeting October 11.

Police chief Eric Merkel also announced grant money to retain and attract new police officers.
The city will give seven current officers a $4,000 bonus.
Eight new hires on lateral transfers will receive a $10,000 signing bonus in exchange for a three year commitment.
The bonuses should go out by the end of this year.