A well-known valley native is continuing her climb up the Forbes 400, a list of the wealthiest billionaires in the country.

This year, Denise York, daughter of Edward Debartolo Sr. and wife of John York, finds herself occupying position #182 on the list. Among women, she's #33. 

She occupies those positions thanks to her estimated $5.8 billion net worth, attributed mostly to her 90% stake in the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers were originally purchased by Debartolo, York's father, for $13 million in 1977. After he passed in 1977, ownership of the team passed to York's brother, Edward Debartolo Jr.

When Debartolo Jr. found himself in legal trouble in 2000, Denise York took ownership of the team. Today, the 49ers are worth $5.2 billion, putting them in the top 10 most valuable NFL teams. 

York's $5.8 billion net worth makes her more wealthy than quite a few household names, like Mike Cuban, Jack Dorsey of (formerly) Twitter, and Howard Schultz of Starbucks. She also sits above George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, popular film directors who regularly make the list.

York first made the Forbes 400 list in 2018 when her net worth had accrued to $2.5 billion. Last year, in 2022, she was estimated to have a net worth of $5.1 billion. That would mean her net worth has increased nearly two million dollars every day for the last year.