You just saw it on 101 West, the ongoing discussion of SOBE Thermal Energy Solutions and whether or not it's safe for the City of Youngstown.

From ongoing concerns with SOBE Thermal Energy to more development in Youngstown, Youngstown Councilwoman Anita Davis hosted a townhall Tuesday for community members to hear from city officials on updates to all of these hot topic items.

As SOBE awaits the final EPA permits to move a waste-to-energy plant in Downtown Youngstown, Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian reviewed where challenges currently stand with the concept.

"I've seen nothing from SOBE," he said. "I've heard nothing since we started these more serious discussions with the EPA."

Limbian said the company could face issues in the design review phase along with roadblocks with boiler inspections but believes the pyrolysis explanation is just too vague.

Limbian explained the biggest hurdle for SOBE will be the process of moving all of those tiny particles from Lowellville to Downtown Youngstown.

"There are thousands and thousands of pounds, tons that would have to be brought from Lowellville into the city of Youngstown on an hourly basis," Limbian said.

There was also public comment regarding fire concerns and disapproval of the Youngstown location.

Director of Community Planning & Economic Development Nikki Posterli discussed updates to different development projects, including adding in a full-service grocery store to the city which is something residents continue to call for.

Her team is working on creating a moratorium on dollar stores as they work to build up areas of the city, including Market Street.

Efforts from the 6th Ward of Youngstown to better the city, one concept at a time.

Code Enforcement Superintendent Mike Durkin also discussed ways to lessen the number of deplorable home cases he sees throughout the city. He also mentioned the process of issuing 'Quality of Life' tickets for deplorable homes, something the city can do every 16 days before action is eventually taken. 

Details surrounding concepts of a sidewalk replacement program and beautification efforts to Market Street were also mentioned.