The Columbiana Commissioners are expected to vote on a resolution to intervene in a Canadian firm’s plans to build a solar farm on more than 2,000 acres of land in Franklin Township.

At the board’s regular Wednesday meeting, Commissioners will consider adopting a resolution authorizing the county to testify against the Kensington Solar Farm Application pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board.

Kensington plans to install more than 300,000 solar panels on 2,2064 acres being leased from private landowners.

It’s been more than a year since the Board of Commissioners went on record opposing the project, citing opposition from residents of the farm community, claiming a solar farm would inhibit future expansion and impact future economic development in Summitville Village and Franklin Township.

Commissioners are also expected to approve a ban on large solar or wind farms in unincorporated areas of three remaining townships that haven’t done so already.

The Kensington project would not be covered by the township bans because the plans were filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board before a new law went into effect permitting counties to enact such bans.