A restaurant in Austintown is slated to reopen on Monday after an ownership change left it closed for nearly four years.

The final reopening announcement was put on the restaurant's Facebook page on Friday afternoon.

"We are delighted to announce that we will be open to the public, Monday, October 23rd at 9 AM!!" the post says.

It all began in December of 2019 when a sign posted on the door of the Denny's at 4927 Mahoning Ave in Austintown was put up, saying that the much-loved dining destination would be "temporarily closed during the ownership transition."

Now, nearly four years and a renovation later, that Denny's is all set to reopen for service.

The good news comes after weeks of anticipation, as community members posted pictures of the sign going back up and promotional posters arriving at the site.

The restaurant said last week that they had begun training their team and were getting ready to open soon, followed by a post on Wednesday that all of the signage had been put up and that they looked forward to "delighting [their] guests very soon!"