Mahoning County Probate Court Judge, Robert Rusu has announced on Friday a partnership with the Mahoning Valley Historical Society to display some rare artwork from the Benjamin Wirt Trust in the court's public access area.

Benjamin T. Wirt was born on March 26, 1852 and was a founding member of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society before later becoming a State Senator in Ohio.

Outside of politics and law, Wirt was also interested in business and real estate, where he became a director of federal Savings and Loan until his death in 1930.

Wirt was known as a collector of many eclectic items such as artwork, books, jewelry and artifacts. He left a trust to build a museum for this collection.

While that museum never came into fruition, Wirt's family agreed to have that collection managed and displayed by the Mahoning Valley Historical Society at the Arms Family Musuem.

The B.F. Wirt Family Trust is overseen by the Probate Court, so Judge Rusu asked the Historical Society if he could display some of the artwork in the court's public access area.

Now, 13 pieces of artwork are on display for guests to see. The original artwork with an appraised value of over $100,000 was digitally recreated and placed into frames and loaned to the court for display.

The originals are still in safe storage with the Historical Society.

You can take a look at this art for yourself in the slideshow above.