A Valley entrepreneur tells 21 News he's considering removing his name from a university building in response to the recent selection of Valley Congressman Bill Johnson as the university's new president and how the selection process was handled.

Zoldan says while he hasn't made any decisions officially yet, he's considering removing his name from the university's brand-new student center currently dubbed the Zoldan Family Center.

Zoldan donated $5 million to the university's campaign to build the new student center. Zoldan tells us at this point, he doesn't plan to retract his donation and has not yet decided if he wants his name removed or not

This is one of many responses from various donors, alumni and faculty of the university slamming YSU trustees for how they went about selecting Johnson as president.

Some other donors have threatened to pull their funding following Johnson's appointment as president criticizing the process leading to his appointment as well as his political views.

Others such as faculty union president and spokesperson Mark Vopat and the YSU Foundation questioned and criticized the university for its alleged lack of transparency during the process.

The trustees released a statement on Tuesday explaining their process and claiming that they sought input from "the entire YSU community" including over 600 stakeholders and enlisted a national search firm to look for someone who is best qualified to fill the role.

Trustees also say that this was a "confidential" search not a "closed" or "secret" one as over 20 campus constituents were included in the process and that confidential searches like this are common in higher education.

The trustees' full statement can be read here.