Crystal Lett says she knows firsthand what it is like to have a family member in need of healthcare and not have the coverage or the funds to pay for it.

Growing up, Lett's brother was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, and she saw the struggles her parents went through to get proper care for their son. Her brother ultimately killed himself after as he was not able to receive "the care he needed to get well," Lett said, citing her brother was often denied coverage from their insurance for services, which can lead to life or death situations.

Lett, who is a healthcare advocate, spoke about her need for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for her family's health needs, as her son was born with a prehealth condition.

Lett spoke out over the concern that the 2024 senate race in Ohio could impact citizens' rights and access to healthcare through the ACA, citing the upcoming race as very important for those in need of purchasing healthcare on the open market.

Lett said her concern for being able to continue to receive healthcare for her children is threatened, calling attention to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's recent revived calls to roll back "Obamacare," or the Affordable Care Act.

Trump wrote on his social media platform on November 25, “The cost of Obamacare is out of control, plus, it’s not good Healthcare. I’m seriously looking at alternatives."

Trump attempted to repeal the law in 2022.

Lett also cited previous comments made by US Senate candidates, including Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose, and Matt Dolan, all Republican candidates challenging Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown, who has spoken or posted to social media about opposition to the ACA.

"Repealing the ACA will only do harm," Lett said.

The Zoom call was offered by the Ohio Democratic Party and joined by Dr. Beth Liston, who said she sees the need for ACA firsthand while working at a Columbus hospital.

Liston reiterated Lett's concerns on the political concerns for the next Senator as important for those in need of the ACA.

Lett said the Senate race is about protecting quality healthcare for children and families.

Liston is also a Democratic State Representative for House District 8 in Dublin, Ohio, and Lett was defeated for the State Senate seat in the 2020 Ohio General Election by her Republican Stephanie Kunze.

21 News reached out to the Ohio GOP spokesperson Dan Lusheck for comment on the concerns, who said, "Sherrod Brown and his allies will do anything to divert the narrative away from his and Joe Biden's failed economic policies that continue to crush working Ohioans."