The Ohio House of Representatives has voted to override Governor DeWine's veto of a bill that would loosen tobacco restrictions in Ohio.

The House voted 60-31 on Wednesday with seven Reps not voting to override the veto of a bill that would prevent local governments from making their own regulations on tobacco products and possibly negating ordinances already in place.

American Heart Association State Government Relations Director Dustin Holfinger expressed concerns that this puts local laws banning smoking in outdoor public areas such as parks and sporting events, as well as ordinances requiring compliance checks for retailers selling tobacco products at risk of being repealed.

"Nearly 90% of adults who use tobacco first tried smoking before the age of 18. Teenagers are the primary targets of the tobacco industry. This vote allows Big Tobacco to more easily get its hooks into Ohio’s kids and addict a new generation to tobacco and nicotine products," Holfinger said.

Holfinger tells 21 News that his biggest concern with all this is that children will have greater access and risk of exposure to tobacco products and questioned the true motivations of this bill.

"The legislators who voted to override the veto said they did so to protect jobs and small businesses in their respective communities. When did vape shops and tobacco retailers become pillars of our communities and public health ignored," Holfinger said.

According to Holfinger, the Senate is unable to concur on this vote until January because it has already adjourned. In the meantime, Holfinger tells us he hopes Ohioans will voice their concerns on this bill.