Waste and Water Superintendent Scott Wolfe says 72 gallons of gasoline got into the storm sewer after someone left the nozzle running at a nearby Marathon gas station.

The spill happened around 5:40 p.m., according to the East Palestine Fire Department.

The storm sewer is said to lead to Sulphur Run. On Monday, The Ohio EPA was following up on the spill.

Wolfe says the fire department arrived on the scene, and the Environmental Protection Agency was also contacted.

Wolfe also said a catch basin was in place, but the gas overflowed into the street.

The Ohio EPA Media Coordinator Anthony Chenault told 21 News that they were notified Sunday of a gasoline release from a gas pump within the village.

Ohio EPA Emergency Response personnel responded to the scene and discovered that a person drove off from the station with the nozzle still in the vehicle. The nozzle fell from the vehicle and continued to release an unknown amount of gasoline.

Chenault said a portion of the gasoline entered a storm sewer catch basin and from the ground.

A small sheen was observed by village representatives in Sulphur Run on Sunday night.

Ohio EPA returned to the site Monday and inspected Sulphur Run, but did not see any gasoline discharge.

The EPA also changed out the material used to capture any remaining fuel.

Chenault said the Ohio EPA continues working with the station owner to address any residual fuel in the storm sewer.