A bar in Youngstown is in hot water with police after it was caught selling alcohol outside of when it was permitted to do so.

On Sunday morning, the bar was caught selling alcohol to an undercover Ohio Investigative Unit agent that was investigating it for selling alcohol past 1 a.m., which it was not permitted to do.

According to the report, the bar did not have Sunday liquor privileges either.

Youngstown police confiscated more than 40 bottles of liquor and close to 200 bottles of beer from King's Court on South Avenue.

According to a police report a Glock with 15 rounds of ammunition and an FN Herstal Belgium handgun with 21 rounds of ammunition were also taken into evidence.

The bar was cited for after hours sale of intoxicating liquor, after hour delivery of intoxicating liquor and insanitary conditions. Additionally, the bar was cited for illegal possession of beer and liquor and hindering a warrantless administrative inspection.

The owner David Manigault was given the citations, which will be heard by the Ohio Board of Liquor at a later date.