No matter which team was your favorite, the Super Bowl created a win-win for local pizza shops and restaurants.

 At Cocca's Pizza, about 200 extra pounds of flour was delivered for game day.
That was just for the Boardman location. 
"We make our fresh dough every morning so that's the biggest challenge on a Super Bowl day to get that one and ready to go," said the owner of Cocca's Pizza Steve Cocca.
Preparation began a week ahead for one of the biggest days of the year.
There are plenty of extra toppings, mozzarella cheese, and wings ordered for some delicious specials geared for the big game.
This Superbowl is especially exciting for its local ties because of the 49ers being locally owned.
For the day's specials, they had the 49er so you could get 40 jumbo wings, or you could get a 75-piece boneless platter for only $49.99. 
Other specials included the $24.99 cheese pizza which is normal every weekend. 
"Then we have our famous foot-long pepperoni rolls for 24.99, a huge seller," Steve Cocca added.
 Some folks placed orders a week before kick-off day, others waited until game day. 
Pick-ups began around 11:00 in the morning for preparation although Cocca's opened doors at noon.
Orders continued all day for game-time parties. 
The Coccas thank their managers, workers, delivery drivers, and customers! 
They credit teamwork at each Cocca's Pizza Shop to provide great food and service for your gatherings. 
Mrs. Tina Cocca who co-founded the company with her husband thanks her son, daughter, family, employees and customers.
"Everyone is a winner with Cocca's Pizza," said Mrs. Tina Cocca. 
She congratulates the Debartolo York family for the San Francisco 49ers for making it to the Super Bowl. 
Folks also had the opportunity to enjoy some great food and watch the game at Cocca's full-service locations in Boardman, Canfield, and Cortland. 
Over in Youngstown at the Avalon Downtown Pizzeria, workers were busy with take-out orders only until they closed at 6:00 pm. The business and other restaurants are big winners this Superbowl Sunday.
"It's a good day for businesses, especially coming through such tumultuous times with COVID, the economy, inflation so it is a holy for us today, for all businesses hopefully," Owner of Avalon Downtown Pizzeria Anne Massullo-Sabella said.