Plans to revamp a part of Route 39 in East Liverpool are moving forward. The project will focus on Pennsylvania Avenue and includes repaving the road, improving the sidewalks, adding more lighting and trees, and putting in new gas and water lines. 

Pennsylvania Avenue is made up of both houses and businesses. Sparkle Market is the only grocery store on the road. Curtis Webb, Sparkle Market’s General Manager is expecting business to slow during construction. 

“It's going to be a hassle I think but as far as we know [customers will] still be able to get through,” Webb said. “But it’ll be time consuming for customers and people on their commutes to and from work.”

Webb hopes the city puts up plenty of detour signs so customers know how to get around. Even though Sparkle might lose business during construction, when it's over they feel the new road will actually help.

“I think it’ll be more inviting for people to come down to the east end cause I know a lot of people complain sometimes about the roads and too many potholes,” Webb said. 

Other complaints customers have is about the sidewalks. Along Pennsylvania Avenue some sidewalks are torn up, others are missing completely. If those are repaired, and more lights are put up, Sparkle could get more customers. 

“There's a lot of people around here in the community that do walk,” Webb said. “Some of our other stores they're the community grocery store because people can walk there safely and freely. Well, we want people to feel the same way so we're on board with the project.”

Others that live in East Liverpool are excited the project includes replacing underground lines. One man that spoke to 21 News said on the coldest day of the year, he didn’t have heat because the gas lines weren't working. He’s hoping this project fixes that. 

The Route 39 project is only in the early planning stages. City officials are still working to secure all of the funding for this $34 million project. 

The East Liverpool Planning Director, Bill Cowan, doesn’t expect construction to start for another two to three years.