The Butler Institute of American Art is hosting an exhibition from artist and photographer, Ruwaidah Barhoum, titled Simple Life as part of their Regional Photography program. 

"My artwork reveals the connection between culture and lifestyle that exposes human and animal experiences reflecting a touch of hidden beauty in nature," says Ruwaidah Barhoum. "My goal is to capture environmental cultural moments that present traditional ways of living. These moments are related to historical background perspectives that define and preserve the realistic idea of the hidden beauty." 

Born in Lebanon, Barhoum is an Arabic-American designer and photographer who has used her unique cultural viewpoint to interpret the surrounding world through her camera and artistic talent.

At Cleveland State's 51st Annual Art Show in 2023, she was awarded "Best in Photography," and received banners for poetry and creative nonfiction for her artwork "Tree Spirit" series in the Lorain County Community College North Coast Review.

The showcase can be seen at the Butler from March 10th to June 2nd, 2024. 

There is a Meet the Artist event on March 17th, 1-3:00 pm.