The Liberty community came out in full force to show support for one of their own.

As 1st grade teacher Darnelle Clark continues her struggle with several serious health effects caused by COVID-19, she can feel the love rallying around her.

21 News told you about her battle in 2022 as she learned how to walk again and eventually made it back to the classroom using oxygen full-time to help her breathe. But she recently got sick a second time and as those medical bills racked up, the district's students and staff stepped in to help make Clark's road to recovery a bit easier.

"She's a fighter and she's determined to press her way," said Wanda Clark, Darnelle's mother at Thursday's fundraiser. "No matter what we see, no matter what she sees in front of us, she says, 'I still believe God, Mom, I still believe God.' So we're still trusting for a miracle. We believe God for a miracle. We know that there are days that are more challenging than others."

This time around, pre-existing medical conditions are affecting Clark's heart and lungs. She is currently experiencing chronic hypoxic respiratory failure-- while on oxygen 24/7.

"Her heart is here," Wanda added. "Her spirit is here and the way this community has come together is remarkable."

"She was a great role model for me and when I had her in first grade I just loved her so much," said Chanel, a 5th grader in the district.

Hundreds filled the bleachers at Liberty High School Thursday for a staff vs. students basketball game. Funds from ticket sales, a 50/50 raffle, a gift card raffle, and a half-court shot contest went directly to Clark as she fights for her health. Many in the crowd wore the color yellow, Clark's favorite color. This is the 2nd annual game that was created last year to help raise funds for Clark. 

"I did get to talk to her yesterday and she's asking about others," explained Jessica Kohler, Preschool-2nd Grade Principal in the district. "It just shows a lot about her character and who she is. She's one of the strongest women I know, that's for sure."

Those who know Clark well say she shines her sunshine on the world every day. The Liberty community coming together to shine their light back on Clark.

My pastor's wife did a lesson once talking about when we go through challenging times, we need to have like a trampoline where we have people supporting us on each corner," Wanda told 21 News. "This here in that gym is our trampoline. She has a strong support system. And I told her the other day she has planted seeds that she's not even aware of. And it's almost like when you walk, God breathes on you like a wind."

"If I was in that position, I would want the same prayers that she's getting right now," said Navayah, an 8th grader in the district.

"She always helped us when we needed help and she never let us think that we were nothing," said Kylie, a 5th grader in the district. 

"Every day she wakes up and we declare, Lord, we thank you and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow," Wanda added. "So, that's the promise that she keeps."

Darnelle is currently home from the hospital but is still very weak.

"We're blessed," Wanda added. "We're just all blessed to have her here. And we're looking forward to longevity. We're looking forward to a long life. We will speak nothing less than that." Wanda is grateful for people like Carla Collins, who organized the GoFundMe for her daughter. 

That GoFundMe for her has reached close to $35,000 Thursday evening.