A Trumbull County business owner said he's making things right after getting over 200 customer complaints through the Ohio Attorney General's office.

Timber Creek Structures of Warren builds and delivers sheds, and the AG's office said the company accepted payments for sheds, didn't inform customers they'd arrive late and then refused to provide timely refunds.

Since then, the business entered an agreement to satisfy every complaint, and said the COVID-19 Pandemic was to blame.

Timber Creek Structures owes $15,000 dollars to the Attorney General's office after entering a deal to satisfy customer complaints.

The shed-making business is registered under owner Timothy Dotson, who said he's resolved issues with all but four customers and will be caught up within weeks.

The fine comes after the AGs office said it found "Suppliers accepted money for buildings and sheds and then allowed eight weeks to elapse without providing the goods or services ordered..." without issuing refunds.

When customers asked for a refund, the Attorney General's office said the refunds were not received in a timely manner or the refunds were only partial.

One Boardman man said his family ordered a $10,000 shed from Timber Creek Structures but then canceled the order, and sought an attorney.

Regi Billock said he paid Timber Creek half up front in cash and was told it would be delivered in eight to twelve weeks.

"At about the 18, 17 week mark. I'm making phone calls, I'm emailing, I'm calling. [asking] 'What's going on with the shed?' [was then told] 'It's not even started yet. We can't tell you when it's going to start, you might not have it at this point until there's snow on the ground.' At this point, it's too late. I have to have a shed."

Timber Creek Structures sent a statement to 21 News:

"We at Timber Creek Structures were, like many companies, severely affected by the Covid Pandemic. At the height of that time period we lost our build crew and the prices of building products soared as most people are aware. Sheets of OSB alone shot from 6-7$ per sheet to over $50. We tried to replace the crew but finding people to work at that time was nearly impossible and those that we did find often were unreliable or had legal or drug issues. As our production was lacking, and our costs were soaring, demand for sheds was at an all time high in the industry. By the time we got our original build crew back together, we had fallen behind and shut down sales for 6 months to get overdue builds out, which we often did at a loss. We worked hand in hand with the Attorney General to get everyone their building or a refund if desired. We are currently working diligently to balance sales and productivity and are determined not to allow another such issue to arise. We are a small company, we honored our contracts as written, even if the timeframe was extended, and take pride that when a customer purchases a building we do deliver the building at the original cost (no surchages or refusal to honor those contracts) it just took us longer to do it than we had accounted for. We had so many wonderful customers that understood and worked with us during that time and we are beyond thankful for each and every one of them for their patience, and have had many return customers since that time. We have survived, and are a better company as a result. Moving forward we have contingencies in place to ensure that we can provide our customers not only quality buildings and the best prices around but also to get the structures out in a timely manner."

Billock said he has since gotten all of his money back.

To Date, the Attorney's General's Office said Timber Creek Structures has resolved or responded to all consumer complaints.

The AG's office adds anyone with complaints should call 800-282-0515.

(Photo attached is courtesy of Timber Creek Structures.)