As another seemingly endless chorus of political ads reaches its crescendo ahead of Tuesday's primary, Ohio Republicans don't seem to be singing in harmony.

Earlier this week, Governor DeWine endorsed Matt Dolan in the hotly contested race to unseat Democrat Sherrod Brown.
Donald Trump threw his support behind Bernie Moreno, which the far-right businessman has touted at every opportunity.
That's gone a long way in riling up Moreno's base.

"For true conservatism, I don't think DeWine has shown it," said voter Jude Nohra. "I think Bernie Moreno has shown to be more of a conservative so I've chosen to focus on that and I think that's why he has Trump's endorsement."

The potential rift presented a bit of a conundrum for Republicans as they gathered in Salem for Columbiana County's annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday.
Voters told 21 News the choice comes down to the establishment versus a new direction.

"If you're a real moderate and you dislike anything that is associated with Trump, then perhaps you'll vote the other way or you won't vote at all," said Nohra.

But with just a few days left before the pivot to the general election, Republicans we talked to say their voices will unite in concert once the primaries are decided.

"I think these splits happen in every election," said voter Edward Saadi. "I think it's a healthy democracy when primaries are hotly contested."

The busy weekend for local and state Republicans continues Saturday when Mahoning County will be hosting its Lincoln Day Dinner.